Our Big Why is to inspire awesome energy, create great team synergy, design innovative strategies, and deliver outstanding results. We do it to nurture happier, healthier, more empowered, and more innovative teams.



We provide face to face and online training and coaching to dynamically growing organisations. We specialise in designing and delivering in-company programmes focused on culture, leadership, teamwork, and collaboration.



Working with our global Partners: Lumina Learning and Video Arts we offer innovative and award-winning e-learning programmes and training solutions for individuals, teams, and organisations to reach their potential.


Kalkstein Corporate Training was established by Joanna Kalkstein in 1992 out of pure passion for developing human potential. Joanna learnt plenty about resilience and developing her own potential when she escaped then Communist Poland at the age of 18 and travelled across the world as a political refugee to Australia. On completion of her degree in Industrial Relations, Joanna joined the corporate training industry and worked for a global training provider - TACK International. In 1992 she established in Poland and managed for 20 years a highly successful division of TACK International. Working in this fast-changing business environment of 1990’s ECE region, Joanna gained broad experience in designing and delivering projects for culturally diverse organisations. In 2004, after Poland entered European Union, Joanna Kalkstein was elected the Vice-President of the National Board for Training Industry in Poland (PIFS). Since 2005 Joanna shares her time between her home in Sydney and her business in Warsaw, specialising in innovation, culture, and leadership. She is also an accredited facilitator In “Lead Without a Title” project with Robin Sharma Company (2014, Toronto) and in 2017 she launched “Agility by Design – Business Educators for Educating Children in Africa” – an international project designed to assist education of children in Lagos. Agility by design. Elite Performance Summit. E-mail: joanna(at)


Born and developed out of sheer passion for personal and professional growth and creating better work environments


Consistently upgrading top quality corporate training. inroducing strategic games and world class e-learning


Continually evolving and delivering outstanding management and communication programmes


Building virtual and cross-cultural teams, resilience, collaboration, efficiency, in the in the age of constant disruption