Disrupt, transform and elevate your organisation with the Strategic Foresight guru Alexander Manu

In his client and research work, Alexander Manu is involved in transforming organisations by exploring and defining new competitive spaces, the development of new strategic business competencies and creation of imaginative innovation methods. For over 25 years he has enabled global companies as diverse as Motorola, LEGO, Whirlpool, Nokia, Navteq and Unilever, to develop policies and strategies that address emerging issues through strategic foresight and pre-competitive business models.



When you’re in a role of power, you’re no longer just you. You’ve become a symbol of something in the mind of others. Understanding how your power influences the performance of others and culture at large is critically important for leading effectively. Our Power Intelligence® trainings will give you the essential knowledge you need to use power effectively. Learn how to get the most out of the people you lead and create a healthy and thriving organizational culture.


Anyone who tries to make a distinction between education and entertainment doesn’t know the first thing about either

Fun is good. Entertain your audience and you’ll find something rather interesting happens: People remember what they’ve learnt. That’s why humour have always played such a big part in our video and e-learning programmes. Video Arts™ was established in the UK by the creators of the Monty Python. Today’s Video Arts™ library of online Leadership and Management, Communication and Customer Care Essentials are 140 snappy videos and 42 e-learning courses covering must-have skills for managers and employees. E-learning Award for Mobile Learning in 2014 and 2015, winners of the Grand Award at the World Media Festival 2014 and Gold Winners in 2015 at the Cannes Media & TV Awards.


EXPERIENCE, UNDERSTAND AND UPGRADE YOUR EXPERISE WITH our interactive teaching style, blended learning and STRATEGIC GAMES

Here you will find a vast selection of learning resources, including strategic games, psychometric tools, and world-class e-learning. You may choose between long-term in-company programmes, individual coaching sessions, open courses and large-scale events for up to 200 people. Our consultants are business practitioners always looking for the desired outcome to start with. We work in partnership with our clients to match the content with their organisational culture or the culture they want to develop.  As a result, the content of our programmes is practical, inspiring and performance driven.

Travel the journey of self-discovery and self-improvement with Lumina Learning

Lumina Learning™ developed the most robust psychometric analysis from years of global research. Lumina Spark™ Portrait is the flagship psychometric tool; most accurate and personalised that increases self-awareness to improve communication, teamwork and leadership. Lumina Learning™ provides a colourful framework for better self-understanding. By taking a humanistic approach and viewing people as "human beings" rather than "human doings". Lumina Learning™ provides a colourful framework for better self-understanding. It helps people identify how to improve their working relationships with others. The Lumina Spark™ resources can be designed into different types of learner experiences such as short presentations, a broad range of training courses, inspirational coaching sessions or an in-depth group facilitation process. Lumina Learning™ takes a humanistic approach, presenting people as "human beings" rather than "human doings".